[Scottish] Fwd: Edinburgh LUG / invitation to talk

Kenny Duffus kenny at duffus.org
Mon Apr 28 03:49:04 UTC 2014

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Subject: Edinburgh LUG / invitation to talk
Date: Sunday 27 Apr 2014, 20:06:37
From: Tai Kedzierski <dch.tai at gmail.com>
To: info at scotlug.org.uk

Dear Kenny / Scotlug Master,

My name is Tai, I am currently looking after events and talks for meetings
for the Edinburgh LUG, and was wanting to know whether you or any of your
members were interested in giving a talk at one of our gatherings, around
Linux, Free Software and Open Source software-type topics.

We meet monthly on the first Thursday of the month in a pub called the
Southsider, in Edinburgh, and I'm looking to fill talk slots for July and
September at the moment.

The topics are predominantly voluntary/self-chosen, though the following I
thought would be interesting to consider if nothing else:

"Challenges of running FOSS projects", and
"Future of Desktop Computing"
"Contributing to Open Source projects as a non-programmer"

Talks start around 7:30pm and finish no later than 9pm

(As an aside, our talk this coming Thursday 1st of May is going to be by Al
Bennett of the Edinburgh Hacklab, covering what it is and what people do
there, should that interest any of your members...)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards

Tai Kedzierski



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