[Scottish] random old bits of kit... Byres Road area

Will Partain partain at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Thu Aug 20 14:23:39 UTC 2015

Fellow Penguinistas -- I've gone through my jumble-box of old IT
bits-'n'-bobs and would be happy to give them away to a "good
home".  I am at the Waitrose-end of Byres Road (Glasgow); you
collect.  After a couple of days, it's going to the tip.  Reply
by email in the first instance.


=== list

LaserJet 6L parallel-port printer [standalone]
Print-Rite remanufactured toner cartridge for LaserJet 6L, maybe OK [standalone]
Netgear RP614 version 4 non-wireless router; use as switch? [hamper]
DWL-G122 802.11g wireless USB adapter; super-alt for wired box? [hamper]
Ethernet cross-over cable, marked, yellow [hamper]
4x Ethernet cables, short-ish, diff colors [hamper]
keyboard, HP new, PS/2 [hamper]
keyboard, Dell old, PS/2 [hamper]
2x ps/2 mice [hamper]
Mattson wristpad [hamper]
squelchy black wristpad-like thing [hamper]
Icy Box 2.5in SATA disk enclosure, USB [hamper]
torn-up 2.5in PATA disk enclosure, may still work, plastic bag [hamper]
Hitachi 3.5in SATA 250G drive HDP725025GLA380 (2009; una orig?) [hamper]
Samsung SpinPoint P80 SP0802N - hard drive - 80 GB - ATA-133 [hamper]
Hitachi 2.5in PATA 20GB drive IC25N020ATCS04-0, in startech.com encl. [hamper]
power cord regular [hamper]
power cord 2-pin plug [hamper]
4x DSL microfilters [hamper]
3-drive (3.5in's) "cage", with screws; v. old, use uncertain [hamper]
Acomdata SATA/PATA 3.5in disk enclosure, USB [hamper]
supplied CDs for X61 tablet [hamper]
# could theoretically be useful to *somebody*
2x thin Thinkpad "folders"
laptop 1GB memory stick HYMP112S64CPG
1GB 184-pin unbuff DIMM memory stick DDR PC2700
Linksys WRT54G version 7 wireless router
Linksys BEFSR41 version 4.1 non-wireless router
Netgear DG834 version 2 adsl modem/router
Antec ATX power-supply tester
Colors-it 400W 400W Golden Silent PC power-supply
2x PS/2 keyboards
Dell Latitude battery module Type 66Whr
Dell Latitude 24x CD-RW module p/n 19771030-d7
Dell Latitude floppy disk module p/n 10nrv-a00
Dell connector: floppy disk module to parallel port (p/n 96630)
AOpen COM5232/AAH DVD/CD-RW drive (IDE)
Riva TNT2 Vanta 16MB PCI VGA Video Card (in plastic bag)
2x ps/2 mice
4x power cords
ps/2 female-to-male cord
3x usb-female to ps/2-male adapters
3x pcmcia to rj45 (ethernet) network adapters
telephone uk 2-wire splitter
headphone-jack to regular-audio jacks cable
double-ps/2 to single-ps/2 adapter
Bogus MLT103L printer cartridge for Samsung (britanniainks)
Random old Ethernet cables

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