ScotLUG :: Thursday 25th August 2016

Kenny Coyle kenny at
Thu Aug 18 22:52:58 UTC 2016

Hey all,

The next ScotLUG meeting will be on Thursday 25th August (Next Thursday) at
the usual Spot, the Electron Club in the CCA. We should be kicking around
the Electron Club around 7:00PM. We will be aiming to start the talk at

In line with the past few years, the first meeting after summer has been
our planning meeting. We will be getting together to come up with a
suggested talk plan and try to flesh out some new ideas for the coming year.

This month we also have Jan, maintainer of EdLUG giving us a brief talk.

In 2014 Jan's PC died leaving her with only an Android smartphone with
which to do everything. In this talk Jan will give a brief over view of
what she was using her computers for, and a review of the apps she was
using on her phone in an attempt to carry on as normal. Whilst this talk is
non-technical and based on an admittedly limited experience, it is another
data point towards answering the question “Has the desktop computer had
it's day?”

We will be adjourning to a local bar afterwards, the exact location to be
confirmed on the night as we need to check on availability of space at the
CCA Bar.

Once again, lets make the coming year one of ScotLUGs best!


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