plane tracker twitter bot / python bugfixes

Graeme Thomson graemethomson1980 at
Fri May 26 08:44:23 UTC 2017

Hi folks,

Last night's talk seems to have gone across quite well, I was pleased to
see so many people there, including some new faces. If anyone has any
questions following the talk, that they didn't get a chance to ask last
night, drop me an email, ping me on IRC or Twitter @TMW2N

Last night I mentioned being unable to get the twitter bot I'm using to
grab screenshots, also it randomly falls over and needs restarted.  Are any
of you conversant with python and willing to take a look at the bot?

code for the bot is

The error when it tries to do screenshot is at

and the error when it craps out (not the screenshot error) is at

I think the issue with the screenshot is that dump1090 isn't using the same
controls as it used to, so the web elements are named differently or
callled differently, but having never really done any python, nor used
phantomjs or Selenium before, i'm pretty stumped other than the theory.

I have no idea what the issue is with the random lockup, could be related
in some way.

any help is greatly appreciated.


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