[Sussex] website

Tom Ellis tom at trellisnet.co.uk
Sun Nov 10 16:22:00 UTC 2002

On 10 Nov 2002 at 15:14, Gareth Ablett wrote:

> S-Lugers
> decided to upload somthing need to add more content though but 
> the basics of before are there.
> http://www.sussex.lug.org.uk/
> Gareth Ablett

All we need now is some content! :)

May i suggest we have a user interface so memebers can login and update parts of the 
site... or even just an admin interface (if there isnt one already) where we can upload 
meetings and then say what happened? 

I guess the blank space on the front page is for a logo? Who can design a decent logo? 

good stuff


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