[Sussex] Back up software.

Dominic Clay dominic.clay at europrospectus.com
Wed Nov 13 13:14:01 UTC 2002

I think I will have a go at the straight bash / tar / gzip method 
I've got to prove to these guys that it can be done at low (or no :/ ) cost
via the Linux route!!!

Thanks John for the scripting hints... (much appreciated!).


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Domonic was asking about backup software,

If you want something all singing all dancing Arkeia is your friend!  See

Overwise, yes it is feasible to use a Samba, tar, gzip / bzip2 and the
majority of SCSI based tape drives to do what you want - if you're going to
set this up manually a little bit of bash scripting can make you life a lot
simpler (you could use Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP etc, but bash will do the
trick here).

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