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Geoff Teale Geoff.Teale at claybrook.co.uk
Tue Nov 19 13:18:00 UTC 2002

Gareth wrote:
> I now hame some understanding of how boring VB is :).

You poor boy.. serious counselling is advised..

To be honest, whilst VB is a little crufty (to say the least) it's not
really the language itself that is the problem, it's the nature of the work
that it gets used for...

VB was/is COBOL for the 1990's and as such it get's used for a lot of
business programming.  "Business" programming unfortunately means two

1. Boring calcs, reports and import/export routines against relational
2. Lots of programmers who haven't heard the word "register" since they were
at school.

Generally the net result of this is that you get debug lots of badly
structured code that makes mindnumbingly bad use of a database (also badly
structured).  If you're really lucky you might get to muck around with the
internals of an Exchange server (even worse structurally than anything else
you've seen) in order that your boss can send e-mails that automatically set
the backdrop of every desk in the firm to be his favourite shade of vomitty

...and just incase you think I'm joking, I should point out that I actually
had to *do* that last job about this time last year.

geoff.teale at claybrook.co.uk

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