[Sussex] [OT kinda] PHP and regex (almost solved! Gareth can help on this one!) ;o)

Macdonald-Wallace, Matthew J s0209208 at glos.ac.uk
Mon Nov 25 20:07:00 UTC 2002


Can you help with why the loop isn't working?

My eyes must be shot to blazes tonight!

$pattern= '<a href="[^"]*[^"]*">*[A-Z0-9 ]+</a>';

if(eregi($pattern, $contents, $quote))
echo $number."<br />";
for($i=0; $i <= $number; $i++)
	$body .= $quote[$i]."\n";
	echo "no quote available";
mail("fruitloop at cowsontour.com","Test",$body);



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>for once a question I can help with and some one beets me to it.
>oh well maby next time.
>Gareth Ablett
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