[Sussex] Mozilla and Natwest...

Tom Ellis tom at trellisnet.co.uk
Tue Nov 26 16:58:00 UTC 2002

Oh.. dont get me started on this one.. :)

the reg did a review of internet banking a while back, and natwest
came.... LAST.. yes, lloyds was first if i remember rightly.

I managed to get netscape working with natwest before using
www.nwolb.com instead of going direct to natwest.com which solved it for
a while, now it doesnt work at all and i've given up.


That should get you started :)
I've been using nwolb for about a year and a half.. and i _hate_ it with
a passion... just never got round to changing banks... my lloyds bank
remains at 32p for the last  years... ex interest so they wont let me
use online banking til i build up some history.

Have fun :)


On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 16:37, Dominic Clay wrote:
> This happened when I tried to use NatWest Online banking with a Mozilla 1.2
> Browser... This is crazy.  Mozilla is a far better browser than Netscape
> (IMHO)  :{
> //*******************************************************
> Service Denied:
> Reason: Unsupported Browser
> The version of the internet browser you are using is not supported by
> NatWest OnLine Banking. Please use one of the following browsers:
>     * Internet Explorer Version 4 or above
>     * Netscape Navigator 4.08 to 4.78 (inclusive)
> These browsers can be obtained from http://www.microsoft.com or
> http://www.netscape.com.
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