[Sussex] Mozilla and Natwest...

Dominic Clay dominic.clay at europrospectus.com
Tue Nov 26 17:11:03 UTC 2002

I used to work for NW and as far as I know, my account is still flagged as a
Staff account!  That seems to work for me as well :)

>>Incase you are unaware of the concept a customer service flag is an
indicator (based on wealth) as to whether it is profitable to 
>>spend time on your account.  If you don't have a flag then you will be got
off the line, away from the counter and out of the banks 
>>hair as quickly as possible.  At Barclays (because it's the only one I
know the figure for) this flag is set at £105,000.00.  So if 
>>your total accounts with your bank are less than that prepare to be

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