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Geoff Teale Geoff.Teale at claybrook.co.uk
Wed Nov 27 11:11:01 UTC 2002

Angelo wrote:
> Xandros Linux Newbie:
> I managed to download 'gt6801' a driver for the Artec 
> Ultima2000 scanner.
> Unzipped, this turns out to be a 'c' package that as far as I 
> can see from
> the Readme, has to be compiled by running 'make'.  

Yup this is standard for most source packages.

> I duly logged in as root.
> Then moved to the folder I unzipped to.
> Then tried  'make -f Makefile' to no avail.
> It seems that it cannot find some of the commands.
> I thought a 'c' compiler and other stuff were installed in a distro by
> default?

Hmm.. usually you only need to be root for the last stage.  

I should imagine that you have everything you need installed. If you're
getting a message saying that the shell cannot find the command "make" then
you need to install it as a matter of urgency!

It's more probable that the makefile hasn't been generated yet, usually this
means you need to run a configure script first.  Try the README again, but I
would imagine the following should work (as ever #'s are comments "$>" is
the prompt):

# If there is a configure script in the directory do this

# Make is usually GNU Make.  You don't need the -f 
#as Makefile is a standard name it will 
#look for anyway.

#change to root to do the install.

#make install is not always included in a makefile, 
#but usually it's just a script to move the compiled
#program files to the right places

$>make install

Hope that does the job for you.  

geoff.teale at claybrook.co.uk

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