[Sussex] The GIMP?

Steve Dobson steve at dobson.org
Mon Aug 2 17:18:17 UTC 2004

Hi Hark

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 05:46:53PM +0100, Mark Harrison wrote:
> I'm trying, once again, to remove my dependancy on non-Free software.

Do you mean non-free as defined by Debian or free as in beer?

> I've now installed "The GIMP".

If you are using debian you also need the non-free gimp package as well
for GIMP to support GIF as GIF includes LZW compression which is 
patented by UNISYS.

Yes, Yes, I know that the patent has expired in the US but I believe that
UNISYS have patents in other countries which are still running.  I'm not
sure of it's worldwide status.

> I have a very, very basic requirement. I want to create a transparent
> GIF with simply some foreground text in a particular font / set of
> colours.

There are a number of ways:
   1). Load another image format which is what you want with the 
       transparent parts already set.

   2). Create a new image using the GIMP itself.
         I've found it best to put the image into RGB format for this
            image-menu -> Image -> Mode -> RGB

   3). Load an image with a solid colour for a background, put it into
         RGB mode and then use
            image-menu -> Filters -> Colors -> Color to Alpha...
       [Got this tip from Karl J today - thanks Karl]

Then use "image-menu -> File -> Save As..." make sure that the
      "Determine File Type: By Extension"
            is set and then just use the extension ".gif".

You will be probably set a number of prompts for correction (including
a field to set the comment) and your done.
> Can anyone give me a basic "how to" for this, or do I need to spend a
> few days reading manuals?

Will the above do?


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