[Sussex] Re: Free fax to email service

Andrew Guard andrew at andrewguard.com
Wed Aug 11 14:30:38 UTC 2004

How do we do, Mark

On 09-Aug-04, you wrote:

> Can anyone recommend me a fax to email service that works with "normal"
> graphics formats.
> You know the kind of thing I mean....
> - I register my email address
> - Service allocates me a fax number
> - Service receives fax on that number
> - Service converts to, ideally, JPEG
> - Service sends on to me (with covering email full of advertising)
> The one I used to use relies on a proprietary bit of software only
> available for Windows :-(
> No particular need to show a UK number - a US one would be fine :-)


It is uk number but the files are send it TIFF or PDF.

Also they have lot over cool telcoms number tools.  

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