[Sussex] Mozilla Ok

Rupert Swarbrick rupert.swarbrick at lineone.net
Thu Aug 19 16:28:50 UTC 2004

| As you know I am using a dual boot using Gentoo Linux + Win2k.  For
| compatability and (wanting the ability to access mail in both) I am now
| using Mozilla on both OS's.  I have a partition called (D:) that is Fat32
| and have my Win2k Mozilla directories on this D: drive.  I would like to
| setup Gentoo/Mozilla to use these directories rather than Home.  The trouble
| is that Gentoo seems to only want to access this D: drive as root.  What is
| the chmod command I need to use to allow full access by my user (angelo)?

If you look at 'man fstab' and 'man mount', you get the info eventually, but if it helps, the line in my fstab corresponding to a Fat32 partition is:

/dev/hda8        /mnt/windocs     vfat        user,uid=1000,fmask=0644  1   0

(where my uid is 1000)

Hope this helps,


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