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Gareth Ablett Gareth.Ablett at itpserve.co.uk
Fri Aug 20 08:58:40 UTC 2004

 From: Steve Dobson [mailto:steve at dobson.org]
 Subject: Re: [Sussex] LUGMOOT
> All
> > I should be there.
> > > Attendees to LUG Meeting
> > >
> > > - Angelo Servini
> > > - Mark Harrison
> As part of my re-design of the SLUG website I included an attendance
> form for registering to attend the Moot.  That for will appear shortly
> on http://www.sussex.lug.co.uk/moots.php.  All names registered
> will then be e-mailed to Jon & me (and maybe the list).
> So mailed your attendance to the SLUG ML will *not* be acceptable from
> now on.

Man I must be still asleep it took me about 15min to relies why that
link didn't work.

Ps. the new feature looks good. :D nice work

Gareth Ablett
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