[Sussex] Moot Attendace List

Steve Dobson steve at dobson.org
Fri Aug 20 14:39:35 UTC 2004


On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 03:30:00PM +0100, Sussex wrote:
> The following people have signed up to the Sussex Linux
> User Group meeting on .
                    bug - date not filled in - fixed
> David Chapman
> Gareth Ablett
> Jon Fautley
> Karl Jorensen
> Mark Harrison
> Steve Dobson
> If you would like to add your name to the list because you may
> attend the moot then please add your name using the form on
>     http://www.sussex.lug.org.uk/moots.php

           Got the URL correct this time :-)

> SLUG Auto Meeting Mailer
> -- 
> H. L. Mencken's Law:
> 	Those who can -- do.
> 	Those who can't -- teach.
> Martin's Extension:
> 	Those who cannot teach -- administrate.

This is the basic layout of the e-mail that will be send out
at 15:00 every day from six days before the moot to remind 
everyone that a moot is close.

Jon: A little editing and I think that it is fine to send on
to Holbrooks - do you agree?


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