[Sussex] USB Printer help.

Derek Harding derek at lagham.uklinux.net
Fri Aug 27 13:53:28 UTC 2004

Thanks Geoff,

The queue under CUPS or LPRNG was accessible remotely and to samba
shares, and accepted jobs. Nothing stuck in the spool, listing jobs
(cups) showed them as printed.

Because it's the same with LPRNG I have assumed it was likely to be a
USB thing. I've reloaded all the USB parts of the distribution and will
recompile the kernel and modules just in case but it stopped without
anything new being done on the box.

I might see if it works with a parallel printer if I can find one!


> Derek,
> Local or remote printing?
> Check list to go through:
> - Does the mail queue show the jobs as held or completed?  If they are
>  held what message is next to them?
> - Can remote machines resolve the print severs name (even if you're
>  using plain IP Addresses, IPP will want to resolve the name!).  
> - Are all parts of the pipeline working individually (ghostview gimp-print, foomatic)?
> .. once you've completed these steps you can consider youself to have
> atisfactorily waved a dead chicken over the affair and hit the CUPS
> newsgroup.

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