[Sussex] Meet up at the Worthing Computer Fair

Steve Dobson steve at dobson.org
Fri Aug 27 20:49:48 UTC 2004


Thanks to all those who attended the moot last night, hope you all enjoyed
it as much as I did.  Next moot I would like to start the presentations
again (holiday season should be over, and hopefully attendance will be up).
If any of you have an idea for a presentation please contact me especially
if you can present it yourself.  (Anything [vaguely] Linux related subject
you want to talk about is fine).

Now to the main business of this e-mail.

In order to promote the club more we have been discussing, over the last
few moots, the idea of going to one of those computer fairs.  Nik Butler,
who was unable to attend last night, was thinking of Croydon, and I 
proposed Worthing.  Both are on the 5th September (the Sunday after next).

I was thinking of just going to Worthing to check it out, and if it looked
viable, we could get a small stand on future event to prompt the club.  The
"gimmick" being that we will install Linux on hardware available at the show.
(Nik using his charms to blag the hardware for free if we're lucky. -  Work
is afoot to have a Debian mirror available on the stand.)  Nik was prepared
to rent a stand from day one.

This idea will only really work if we have a number of people from the 
club at the fairs - and not just the experts.  If we are to prompt Linux
to the masses then we need both experts and novices alike.  So how many
club members will be available to prompt Linux and SLUG Sunday week?

After giving it some thought I decided that I either fair is worth going
to so, in good club tradition, lets put it to the vote:

Worthing Fair:
Steve Dobson (but will attend Croydon)

Croydon Fair:
Nik Butler (but will attend Worthing)

Don't mind one way or another:

So it you are free and are willing to devote some time the weekend 
after next please *ADD* your name to the appropriate list above.

Steve D

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