[SWLUG] Next Meeting

Robert McQueen robot101 at debian.org
Thu Apr 4 05:20:02 UTC 2002

In light of somewhat baseless criticism from the Swansea crowd on
Monday, and even though I'm almost certainly not going to be able to
come, I'm pre-empting any delay and announcing the next meeting now. =)

Seeing as this message is so rambly and verbose, I'm not posting it to
announce, so someone else will need to do that in a few days. The all
important details:

               Date: 16th April
               Time: 7pm onwards
               City: Cardiff
              Venue: Prince of Wales, unless stated otherwise
    Official mascot: Phil
  Debian derivative: LibraNet
Software of the day: xcruise
       Debate topic: code quality in free software instant messenger
                     clients like Gaim, which turned out to be broken
                     because gdm kindly blocked SIGCHLD for it's

That's probably more than enough to be going on. See you all when I see


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