Philip Downer phil at pjd.me.uk
Wed Apr 10 10:39:14 UTC 2002

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 22:05, Peter Joseph wrote:
> All i can say is, APC, get the best one you can afford, APC also have a very
> well supported (in linux) communications protocol for UPS to PC
> communication.
> I dont have ups on my desktop machines but my server does and it basically
> does a nice clean shutdown 5 mins before the battery power runs out.

I'm not at all keen on APC, I've used a lot of their UPS' in a few of my
jobs (never my choice to buy APC) and I've never been impressed. If you
want a decent UPS for home use then Belkin have a superb product, their
Pro-UPS Gold (I think thats what it's called) has 8 sockets on it. 4 of
them are battery backed and the other 4 are power surge protected, it
also has network connection surge support and the software that is
supplied is quite good and even better the cd has versions for Windows
and Linux.


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