[SWLUG] meeting today (!) according to the algorithm...

Neil Jones linlist2 at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Wed May 1 12:18:50 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 01 May 2002 01:12 pm, you wrote:
> I just realised that while this meeting has been in the IRC channel
> topic since the last one, that it hadn't actually been posted to the
> list.
>          Date: Wednesday 1st May
>          Time: 7PM onwards
>      Location: Swansea
>         Venue: The Goose, Wind Street
> Woody Release: When its^H the security team is ready... =)
> This is comically short notice, and I fully accept the blame and the
> likelyhood that Phil, Euan and myself will journey to Swansea only to
> find nobody else there at all. That'd be an improvement on the last
> meeting, when I couldn't make it. =)
> Regards,
> Rob

Well I can't make it at 7 . It is possible that I may be able to pop in later 

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