[SWLUG] Next Meeting: Prince of Wales, Cardiff, Monday 13th May

Robert McQueen robot101 at debian.org
Tue May 7 08:55:31 UTC 2002

The meeting algorithm has once more been applied, and based on the fact
that the last meeting was on Wednesday 1st May, and that none of the
Cardiff crowd have come up with a better venue, the following meeting
details have been determined:

               Venue: Prince of Wales, corner of Wood Street and
                       St. Mary's Street
            Location: Cardiff
                Time: 7pm onwards
                Date: Monday 13th May
       Woody Release: heh heh heh
 Package of the Week: xnest
Topics of discussion: Ease of adding command line options to small
 programs like Googlizer with gnome-popt, but subsequently not knowing
 what to do with the string. =)


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