[SWLUG] New member saying hello

Neil Jones linlist2 at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Fri May 24 12:31:33 UTC 2002

On Friday 24 May 2002 01:22 pm, STEPHEN CONSTANTINOU wrote:
> Good Afternnon and hello
> I thought I would e-mail you in advance of the get together in The Goose on
> Tuesday, just to introduce myself.
> I have been a DOS/Windows user for seven years.  Over the last few years I
> have tried Linux (SuSE 6.2, 7.2) each time going back to Windows because
> hardware, printer and scanner were not supported.
> I am hoping with SuSE 8 and SANE (still don't know what a front end or back
> end is) these issues will be resolved.  I am very likely to install win4lin
> as a way of maintaining use of Windows applications that are not yet in
> Linux.
> I have just finished one accademic year of teaching City & Guilds Level 1
> Computers and Computing at Swansea College (part time).
> I am near the end of a C programming qualification and starting a Unix
> course, both distance learning.
> My background was streetework with people sleeping rough, housing advice,
> resettlement into permanent housing and life skills training.  When I came
> to Swansea these options were few so I decided to change career again.  I
> also used to be a cabinet maker.
> I have been using other LUG's including West Wales and I am very happy to
> discover this one so close.
> By the way, where is The Goose
> Stephen Constantinou (Swansea)

Wind Street (for those from outside Swansea that is the wind of clockwork not 
the one that blows.) Just down the hill from the Castle you can't miss it.

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