[SWLUG] Meeting on Tuesday 28th

Robert McQueen robot101 at debian.org
Mon May 27 02:36:14 UTC 2002

This has been up in the IRC channel topic for a while, and came up
briefly in discussion on the list, but I thought I'd broad-side it to
all appropriate lists in both camps to make sure everyone knows. This is
a relatively-last-minute announcement on the basis that if I announce it
too far in advance, everyone forgets.

  City: Swansea
 Venue: The Goose, Wind Street
  Time: 7pm onwards

Some people might argue that announcing a meeting 48 hours before it
happens is a little inconvenient. Accordingly I'll announce the next
meeting after this too, so you can make a note in your diary. It looks
to be on the 12th June in Cardiff.


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