[SWLUG] compiling and 'cc sanity check' error

bascule excession at bigfoot.com
Fri May 31 19:01:39 UTC 2002

apparently i have to specify the compiler version environment to compile the 
nvidia src against my current kernel because it and the kernel were compiled 
with different compilers, i'm guessing this is to do with gcc 2.96 versus 
gcc3.0? which i know mandrake has been moving to, this prompts some questions:
1. how to specify the compiler a) permanently b) just for that compile
2. how (if possible) to compile against a different kernel than the one that 
is running - i assume that the kernel-source and/or kernel-headers for the 
particular kernel have to be installed - 
3. can i have two kernel-headers packages installed?
4. does the above have to be done by altering makefiles or whatever or are 
there options that can be passed to 'rpm --rebuild' ?

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