[SWLUG] Keyboard shortcuts in GNOME

Dafydd Harries daf at muse.19inch.net
Thu May 13 10:17:28 UTC 2004

Ar 13/05/2004 am 10:47, ysgrifennodd Dafydd Walters:
> Steve Anderson wrote:
> > Ah. It looks like I'm missing something - I don't have a Multimedia Keys
> >   menu item, and the Keyboard Shortcuts is purely GNOME controlling
> > (switching workspaces and things). (I'm running GNOME 2.4, btw.)
> >
> > I guess I'll have to look for an extra package knocking around to add
> > the functionality. Ho hum!
> I find acme works well (http://devin.com/acme/). After building and
> installing, just run acme and right-click the icon in the Gnome panel and
> choose Preference to configure your multimedia keys. To make it run
> automatically each time you start Gnome, just add acme to your Startup
> Programs in Sessions (under Preferences).

Acme was integrated into the Keyboard Preferences in GNOME 2.6. If
you're still using 2.4, you'll need to install it separately. In 2.6,
you should be able to press a "multimedia" key when it prompts you for a
keypress. Of course, you're limited to the actions which the Keyboard
Preferences prsents you. I think Metacity has some facility for
associating arbitrary commands with keypresses, but I don't know whether
it supports "multimedia" keys nor whether there's an interface for it.


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