[SWLUG] SSH changes after broadband/router installation ... ?

Chris M. Jackson chris at zenii.linux.org.uk
Fri May 14 22:39:20 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 18:41, 'o-Dzin Tridral wrote:
> Since installing broadband and the router (and thank you for your advice - the phone bill's dropped dramatically!), I've not been able to SSH to a site that I was able to get to beforehand. I don't know if these two things are related at all.

> (discovered via whatismyip.com).  That is supposed to be enough.
whatismyip.com returns the address from which the HTTP request was
received.  In many cases with broadband, your HTTP requests may be
routed through a supposedly "transparent" proxy, and this is the value
that whatismyip.com will see.  Try a DNS lookup on that IP and see if it
is something with "cache" or "proxy" in the name.

If you have ssh access on the router, ifconfig or ip addr should be able
to help.  Black-box commercial routers might show the IP address
somewhere on its configuration screens.  If you have shell access
elsewhere, try logging in there and using w or who to establish your


Chris M. Jackson
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