[SWLUG] Fwd: Mandrakelinux NWL: EU Software Patent Legislation: a real threat for Linux and Open Source

Jonathan Wright mail at djnauk.co.uk
Thu May 13 13:29:03 UTC 2004

Steve Anderson wrote:
> Jonathan Wright wrote:
>> Not sure if it's genuine, although I received it aswell - it got 
>> caught in my spam filter (8.4 rating!). Wouldn't surprise me if it was 
>> true though.
> Yep, it's true. It was mentioned on Groklaw a while back. Microsoft are 
> pulling the Irish strings, obviously. The Irish government probably got 
> a cool deal on XP upgrades in return for attempting to turn European 
> Software patents into an even greater farce than the American one. Bet 
> you there's been no consultation with outside parties at any point 
> either - just from a Microsoft rep...
> Steve

It just p*sses you off really - polititions ignore the people, the 
people don't really care, and what's the old saying? Money begets Money!

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