[SWLUG] Problems installing any Linux Distro - kernel panic

Foeh Mannay f.mannay at ntlworld.com
Sat May 15 17:01:39 UTC 2004


I had a very similar problem with a machine I used to have - it would  
get part way through various installs and die, I believe I got mandrake  
(ick) to go on there but it just crashed randomly all the time. I ran  
memtest86(memchk86?) on it but it rebooted about 0.5% of the way in. I  
pulled all the DIMMs out and put them back in a different order and it  
worked well enough to install FreeBSD. Problems settled down to  
intermittent reboots (almost always when running ppp curiously) but it  
was bearable. Things got worse so I removed a DIMM and it was OK again  
for a long time, then played up so I put the DIMM I removed back in and  
took another out. Stable for a while again, but never perfect. The game  
of hide and seek went on for months and I don't think I ever found out  
what was dud - but it was something memory related.

If you have more than one DIMM in there, remove one and see if it  


On 05/15/04 17:31:04, kurupt | wrote:
> knoppix will not run, gives the same cpu fatal errors, windows 2k -  
> XP fail with some errors, cant remember the exact message but was  
> pretty much the same as the error previously posted. ill download  
> memcheck now and see if it will run.
> all of the installations run for about 5minutes before giving the  
> error.
> thanks
>> Can you run anything? Windows? Can you boot a Knoppix or similar CD?  
>> I'd
>> be very suspicious of the hardware. Try downloading memcheck and see  
>> if
>> that will run.
>> Keih
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