[SWLUG] Problems installing any Linux Distro - kernel panic

Bryn Reeves hagbard at nildram.co.uk
Sun May 16 15:43:24 UTC 2004

On 18:00 Sat 15 May     , kurupt | wrote:
> ok i thought this was the case but wanted to be 100% sure before i have to 
> splash out to buy some new hardware, are there any good steps to follow to 
> find out what hardware is causing the problems?

This sounds very memory related - try running memtest86 as suggested (use
the bootable ISO), and swapping out memory if you have some spare. 

I.e., try with the current set up, then if there's more than 1 DIMM, try 
with each individually. If possible, try with a completely fresh set of 
RAM which you're confident has been working in another machine.

As a double check, if all of this fails, try placing the RAM from the 
misbehaving maching in a known-good one, if that doesn't start causing 
the same problems, it's probably a mobo/CPU issue.



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