[SWLUG] Mandrake 10.0 Official

stu at stunix.com stu at stunix.com
Tue May 25 12:55:08 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 25 May 2004 11:09 am, Michael Parker wrote:
> So, just to be clear ;), which magazines currently have Mandrake 10
> official release on the cover... and where can I get a copy? (Yes, I know
> Smiths is probably the best bet, but are any of them carried in Asda or
> Tesco, as they are on the way home ;)
> Sorry won't be able to make the Swansea meet - but hope to be at a Cardiff
> one before too long!
> Ciao
> Mikey =)

I think, unless you can pick me up some milk, brown sugar and 6 packets of 
bourbon buscuits, tesco will be pointless!

I have in my hand the Linux Magazine from May 2004 which (after re-reading) 
has by name " bootable dvd: the complete Mandrake10.0 package including all 
the latest software, 2.6 kernel, kde 3.2..."

i do not know if this is what you are looking for, but i will ask a friend to 
copy it with his superdrive and bring a few to the next cardiff swlug.

does that help?


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