[SWLUG] RE: Deadtop

Steve Anderson steve at twindx.com
Thu May 27 13:57:11 UTC 2004

Dafydd Walters wrote:

> Not sure if this helps, but I recently purchased a 2.5" laptop IDE to
> desktop IDE converter/adapter thingy recently - it lets you plug your laptop
> hard disk drive into a desktop PC.  I got it from eBay from the vendor below
> for £4.99 (£3 of which was postage & packing).  This vendor seems to have a
> number of them for auction.  Mine took about a week to arrive:

I've got one of them as well, but picked it up from Maplins. Can't 
remember how much it cost now, but I think it was about the same price. 
I used a 10Gb laptop drive inside my infamous cardboard box PC with it.


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