[SWLUG] xmame and two controllers

bascule asura at theexcession.co.uk
Tue Sep 14 04:57:30 UTC 2004

i have two controllers but only one is recognised by xmame
they are both usb and both work using jstest, the one that is seen is a saitek 
3d gold joysick on /dev/js0 and the one that isn't seen is a no name brand of 
gampepad that is on /dev/js1, however jstest reports it as being a SAITEK 
Tournament Pad, i've played with all the controller options using gxmame as a 
frontend but no joy, i also read that at some point xmame was hacked to 
accept a particular joystick device name as well as just the prefix, when i 
enter /dev/js1 in the gxmame options after launching from a console and see 
that the gamepad is seen by xmame on starting up but it still doesn't work in 
the game i.e.:
** Message: Loading Star Wars:
** Message: xmame: I386 joystick interface initialization...
** Message: xmame: Joystick: /dev/js1 is SAITEK Tournament Pad
** Message: xmame: Joystick: Built in driver version: 2.1.0
** Message: xmame: Joystick: Kernel driver version  : 2.1.0
** Message: xmame: OSD: Info: Joystick 1, 2 axis, 8 buttons

that's xmame saying 'oh yeah, a controller' but in the game no joy, and that's 
with the other controller unplugged as well

does anyone have any ideas how to get a gamepad to work?


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