[SWLUG] Reiser fsck hangs at boot (or: Crap! My drive!)

I.A.Hill at cs.cardiff.ac.uk I.A.Hill at cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Sep 16 19:21:54 UTC 2004

Quoting Terry John <terry.john at bbc.co.uk>:

> Can you get it up in maintenance mode, either via cd or floppy. This
> will give you a working temporary root filesystem. You can then do an
> fsck on the umounted, corrupt, root filesystem which hopefully should
> complete but if not you should be able to try other fsck options which
> may work better
> At least that's what I would do on my RedHat systems. I'm not familiar
> with Mandrake.
> Terry

Ah. This I did. Fsck first time through failed (citing unfixable errors.) So, as
instructed, I ran fsck.reiserfs --rebuild-index or some such.

This cheerfully instructed me to buy a new harddrive.

Now the machine will not boot at all, and grub can't even read the partition any

I guess this is fatal?


Thanks anyway,


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