[SWLUG] MSc Dissertation

peter apvx95 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Mar 5 10:21:35 UTC 2006

Keith Edmunds wrote:

> Done that, seems straightforward enough (although I'm not sure why you 
> insist that people print the PDF file and, for the record, I didn't).
> One comment: the default button on each page (at least when I filled 
> it in) is the "Previous" button. That means I filled in each field 
> then, after the last field, I hit return, and promptly went back to 
> the previous page and lost all the data input so far.
> Keith
Hi Keith,

The only reason for printing the PDF is to make data input easier.  It 
simulates having an input document at your side.

The point about the default buttons is a good one.  I'd completely 
missed that.  It's too late for me to change now, unfortunately - but 
thanks for pointing it out.  It's something I'll remember to consider in 

It's a trivial little experiment, really, but it will - hopefully - 
provide some pointers for future work.  An MSc is not really high level 
research.  It's just an academic exercise, to be honest, that just 
pushes human knowledge onwards a very small amount.  Maybe someone will 
pick up on it and turn it into real research; perhaps for a PhD.

Many thanks for your participation.


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