[SWLUG] MSc Dissertation

Rhys Hardwick rhys at rhyshardwick.co.uk
Sun Mar 5 10:29:28 UTC 2006

On Sunday 05 March 2006 09:16, Keith Edmunds wrote:
> peter wrote:
> > I would be most grateful if some or, indeed, all of you would be so kind
> > as to visit the Web site below, and take part in it.
> Done that, seems straightforward enough (although I'm not sure why you
> insist that people print the PDF file and, for the record, I didn't).
Me too... :)

> One comment: the default button on each page (at least when I filled it
> in) is the "Previous" button. That means I filled in each field then,
> after the last field, I hit return, and promptly went back to the
> previous page and lost all the data input so far.

This happened to me too.  I wonder, is this part of your experiment?  Or just 
a glitch?


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