[SWLUG] Re: Quietest Meeting Ever

Julian Hall lists at kaotic.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 19:06:02 UTC 2006

peter wrote:
> As a member of UWIC's IT staff, I can tell you that the PCs in the 
> learning centres, at any rate, are pretty well locked down.  Staff PCs 
> probably are too.  Certainly staff members are not, in nearly all 
> cases, administrators on their machines and have a standard staff 
> profile.
> I missed the start of this conversation, so I'm not sure what you want 
> to do.  If you let me know, I'll see what (if anything) can be 
> arranged for you.
Hi Peter,

It was just an off the cuff suggestion as an alternative to pubs as 
venues for meetings.  On reflection if it were at all possible it would 
probably be better, if we wanted to use any rooms, to try the lab on the 
ground floor of Colchester Avenue where the old kitchen was I believe.  
It's currently equipped with a load of what my lecturer referred to as 
"cast offs from IT when they upgraded".. not even connected to the live 
UWIC network.

I haven't even been to a LUG meeting so I would rather not speak for the 
group as a whole.  I was just suggesting an alternative to pubs as a 
coupel of people had expressed a dislike of them.

Kind regards,


PS If you work on the 4th floor in Colchester Avenue you may have seen 
me around a bit.  I'm the guy in the wheelchair who keeps sticking his 
head round the door to report bits not working ;)
PPS You're right about being locked down... I miss my Start -> Run -> 
notepad, or calc ;)

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