[SWLUG] Networking without Smoothwall

pbhj (swlug) swlug at alicious.com
Mon May 15 02:07:53 UTC 2006

On Monday 15 May 2006 01:16, Julian Hall wrote:
> Stephanos wrote:
> > Dear All
> >
> > Currently, I have an NTL broadband modem which connects to a
> > Smoothwall box and then onto a switch.  From this switch comes three
> > nodes.  All work OK.
> >
> > I am thinking of removing the Smoothwall box, in order to experiement
> > with software firewalls, but I am not sure that the modem can be
> > connected to the switch direct.
> >
> > To save me the inconvenience of discovering that this cannot be done
> > after making lots of changes I would like to ask:
> >
> > Does this work or do I need a router (which is what I understand the
> > Smoothwall box to be) in between?
> >
> > Wait to hear
> >
> > Stephen
> You need something with a WAN port for the modem connecting to the
> outside, and LAN ports on the inside of your network. A router would be
> best for that, although they pretty much all come with their own
> hardware firewall which would defeat the object of your experiment.
> How are your internal IPs assigned at the moment?  If they're static you
> *might* get away with a switch, but if they're dynamic you need some
> sort of DHCP capability so you'd most likely need a router.
> Having said that, it's past 0100 am so this could all be a load of
> cobblers :)
> Kind regards,
> Julian

As far as I recall switches route (often /usually) via MAC address and so 
packets arriving at the broadband modem from the net wouldn't know where to 
go, they'd arrive at the switch's IP but be unaddressed (in MAC terms) for 
further transport ... the switch should then broadcast the packets, I think 
but then the nodes won't know which are for them and which aren't ... again 
it's late so I'm probably confused!

Of course "switch" means many things!?

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