[SWLUG] Advice please: broadband + laptop

Paul G. Richardson Paul.G.Richardson at logicacmg.com
Mon May 15 11:19:12 UTC 2006


Just switching away from BT Yahoo broadband at the moment. Signing up
with Eclipse Internet who seem to have good reviews on the net. I went
to ispreview.co.uk for comments/recommendations/horror stories.

Bought my laptop from novatech.co.uk. Fairly cheap and (IMHO) good
quality. Only issue I had was a lacking of the intel centrino wireless
driver but that comes with all the latest distros so no problems to report.

My 2 cents.


P.G. Richardson

Email:		Paul.G.Richardson at logicacmg.com
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Mark Summerfield wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm planning to get broadband. At the moment I'm with BT but want to
> switch.
> Pipex seem to offer phone + broadband; does anyone have
> recommendations? (I think NTL are in my area--Pontardawe). I only want
> to use it with Linux (Debian, or Kubutu).
> Also I need to buy a laptop; I'll need to dual boot XP & Linux
> (defaulting to Linux).
> The Linux on Laptops site lists masses, but does anyone have
> recommendations?
> (I'm looking for 500 quid ~1200x800 screen 40GB+ disk 512MB RAM; need
> to be able to read/write CD/DVD, but don't care about multimedia--but
> do want big screen.)
> Thanks.

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