[SWLUG] Recruitment

Sam Radion swlug-discuss at cs5.net
Mon May 22 08:39:10 UTC 2006

Hello all,

My company is currently recruiting and I thought I'd try the list first 
to keep it local. Below is the Job ad that is going out:


Writemedia Is looking for two people to fill the positions of junior web 
developer and 3d artist.
Please contact us via email with an attached CV if you wish to express 
an interest
in the above positions.

The position in each case requires the applicants to have had either 
formal training
through a recognised degree course or wish to move to a more exciting 
area of the
multimedia industry.

For the Junior web developer your skills should include html, asp, css 
MS Sql, and
it would be an advantage to be interested in the following:- php, My SQL 

The 3d Artist would predominantly be working in CINEMA  4D and would 
have the
opportunity to develop their skills in Motion Capture for which we are 
the UK distributor
for ShapeWrap II, ShapeHand & ShapeHandPlus data glove.

email: recruitment at writemedia.co.uk


If anyone has any informal questions, please feel free to reply-to this 
mail (it's my personal address so can be off the record if needs be)

all the best


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