[SWLUG] Fedora FC5 and smbmount

Glenn Booth d.glenn.booth at gmail.com
Wed May 24 17:15:02 UTC 2006

Hi All,

Just installed FC5 for a look, and the changes to client side SMB
handling have me confused, so I'm hoping for some pointers.

I want to mount a share on a remote machine from fstab, but
it seems smbmount is not part of the FC5 samba client. I
found references to mounting shares using cifs instead, but
I can't make this work.

FC5 automagically finds the share through nautilus (prompting
for the user/password), but I don't know how, and I need a local
mount point.

I'm trying to mount (e.g.) a share on machine 'alfie' called music
at mount point /mnt/music.

mount -t cifs //alfie/music /mnt/music gets me error 13, permission
denied. I appended "-o username=xxx,password=yyy" but still no
joy. What have I done wrong?


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