[SWLUG] Re: FC5 and Samba

Phillip Evans phillip at paevans.freeserve.co.uk
Thu May 25 22:19:14 UTC 2006

Hi Glenn,

I use Mandriva 2006 and to connect with Nautilus I enter in the address line


and a box pops up asking for user name, domain and password. The 
username and password must be valid for the remote host, domain can be 
ignored and it connects no probs.

Are you sure smbmount does not work ? A samba client without this 
function seems a bit strange. Can you ping the remote host ?

Occaisionally I cannot connect and a ping to the remote host fails but a 
refresh of the network config always fixes the problem. If anyone has an 
explanation as to why it goes down I would be grateful. It is not a 
major problem, just a minor annoyance.


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