[SWLUG] webcam software help

James Diagmato at black0ps.com
Sat May 27 20:30:35 UTC 2006

I use aMSN for webcam. I like how it records webcam conversations. The
moment Gaim supports webcam, the moment I move back to Gaim.

I have yet to reinstall the camera drivers, but I wouldnt mind helping
you test. I hope to install the camera drivers very shortly.

Other than IM's, I use the webcam as a motion detecting security camera.
It takes 2 images per second whenever it sees something move (50 pixels
or more).

pbhj (swlug) wrote:
> Hey all,
> Anyone out there use a webcam. I just got an old quickcam express (hand me 
> down!) which I've installed OK and gives me a signal (via V4L 
> on /dev/video0).
> I've  tried having a webcam-chat using Kopete but can't seem to get it right, 
> the cam is viewable in the config and can be seen with kdetv. Just I don't 
> know many people who IM and none that are knowledgeable about software for 
> Linux. All the messenger services seem to deny unilateral cam use.
> Anyway:
> 1) anyone who uses a cam on IM and will let me test my rig with them would be 
> warmly welcomed.
> 2) what apps are you all using with webcams ... I've come across gnomemeeting 
> (not installed due to deps), kdetv (can you save a clip?), xawtv, gaim, amsn 
> and of course Kopete. Any good apps that I'm missing?
> Cheers
> Paul

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