[SWLUG] Cardiff meetings

Geraint Edwards gedge-lists at yadn.org
Fri Jul 13 10:01:15 UTC 2007

Ysgrifennodd Dick Bain <dick.bain at gmail.com> said
		(on Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 08:44:59PM +0100):
> it has been rumoured that there is to be a
> Cardiff meeting at the Central Bar

After a successful meeting (all two - later three - of us!), I
propose a change in schedule:  first Wednesday of the month.
It's simple, and doesn't clash with Tuesdays for Carmarthen.

Central Bar seemed okay as a venue - quiet enough.

Anyone likely to increase numbers next time??

Geraint A. Edwards (aka "Gedge")
gedge at yadn.org

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