[SWLUG] Multics and gOS boards

Matthew Moore matt at matthewmoore.org.uk
Wed Nov 14 21:23:16 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Vaguely linking into a few things that were discussed at the last 
Cardiff LUG night I've got a few links to throw around.  Firstly as we 
were having a nice old discussion about the odd and obscure OSes we'd 
all used over the years, the multics source code has just been open 
sourced [1].  You have to have the hardware to install it however, which 
is a pity.

Secondly you can buy the motherboard for the cheap linux based PC that 
Walmart were selling recently [2].  That would be an ideal PC for making 
a PC for older relatives.  I've had an idea to make a small light PC for 
my grandma for a while now, however I'm nervous about connecting her to 
the web as I'm not sure she'd quite take spam and the like in the right 
way.  If there is a 'right' way to take spam that is.



[1] - 

[2] - http://www.clubit.com/product_detail.cfm?itemno=A4842001

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