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>> 2008/7/11 Steve Hill <steve at nexusuk.org>:
>>> ZoneAlarm?  Fragile?  Never! :)
>>> (ZoneAlarm is one of the biggest pieces of crap I have ever had the
>>> misfortune to encounter..  I wiped it out from my Dad's windows machine
>>> ages ago and turned on the MS firewall instead.
>> The built-in Windows XP firewall was introduced with, what was it,
>> SP1? I remember, at the time, discovering that it was the biggest
>> piece of crap etc. For years ZoneAlarm was the best there was on offer
>> and it might still be the case if you connect directly to the
>> internet. If you're behind some form of firewall, like from a wireless
>> router, it's worth ditching and going to the lighter weight MS
>> offering - as members of my family have gone from dial-up and direct
>> connections to NATed routers and things, I've switched over their
>> firewalls one by one.
>> I think the blame can fall back to Microsoft for shipping XP in such
>> an insecure state in the first place, requiring people to find a
>> firewall solution that they've not changed over the years.
>> Steve
> I was using win 200o which had no firewall.. The BBC article says it all.
> You would have expected Microsoft to test their fix against one of the 
> most popular pieces of firewall software.
> What is wrong with the built in xp firewall anyway?
> Neil Jones
> neril at nwjones.demon.co.uk

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