[SWLUG] working peer to peer with dynamic IP

Peter peter at cyionics.com
Wed Jun 11 15:33:55 UTC 2008


Or try noip.com, that's what i use there is a free and commercial version 
with an app you run that tracks your dynamic ips


On 11 Jun 2008 at 16:17, Andrew Price wrote:

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> On 11/06/08 15:49, Mark Summerfield wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'd quite like to do some collaborative work with a friend using bazaar
> > version control. But we both have dynamic IP from our ISPs.
> > 
> > Is there some easy way to do this kind of thing, or is it better to rent
> > some server space?
> One possibility is launchpad.net, but I know that's not to everyone's taste:
> https://help.launchpad.net/FeatureHighlights/BazaarHosting
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