[SWLUG] ADSL routers do the ALL work?

Philip Barnes phil at trig222.f9.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 18:55:14 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-06-22 at 16:26 +0100, neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk wrote:
> I am looking to help a family member get a router to connect to Demon internet.
> Some people may remember the discussion a while ago. Will everything work out of the box? Is there anything to avoid?
> I really want to just connect the machine up and for it to work.
In general, they just work. You only need to put in your username and
password, but it is advisable to change security settings, passwords,
wireless keys and the SSID.

Since ISPs have been offering wireless routers, in my role as the guy in
the pub who knows about computers, I have not seen any of the USB
devices (thank goodness).

Most modem router are much of a muchness, if you just want a basic surf
the web and send email setup, but if you want a bit more it worth
reading the specs carefully and then either buy from a little guy who
can answer the questions, or from Argos or PC World where you can change
it with no problems.

Last year I bought a Linksys WAG54GS and whilst it is small and nice
looking on the hall windowsill, I quickly found a couple of nasty
gotchas with it.

1. It has a soft on off switch, meaning that if the power goes off, the
router stays off until I get home to switch it back on. Totally useless
if you want to access you home server while you are away. Power cuts are
not as common in the village as they used to be, but common enough that
I have been caught out a couple of times.

2. It doesn't allow wake up on LAN, they have blocked WAN side access to
the broadcast address, even sub-netting which some have claimed to have
got working doesn't work.

HTH Phil

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