[SWLUG] ADSL Routers.

Terry John terry.john at bbc.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 08:54:01 UTC 2008

Having been one of those that persevered and got it all working with the
speedtouch modem and ADSL router is the best solution. I use my Fedora
box as a router/firewall/DNS/DHCP/webserver etc etc but putting an ADSL
router in the way would not stop me doing things doing the same thing
but with tiny config changes.

I did it using the speedtouch modem because I wanted everything for free
and ADSL routers were expensive at the time but these days they are
cheap enough.

If there are still people mad enough to want to connect directly I'm
happy to try to trawl through my configs and notes to give some help



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Most ADSL routers will work straight from the box, Pete Prior is right 
when he states that ethernet/wifi is the best way to connect. The only 
minor problem is getting the correct setup info. Many ISPs who supply a 
horrible little USB modem put this info on the setup CD which is 
automatically downloaded to the modem, they often do not explicitly 
publish this info.

If this is the case, then whatever router you buy, skim through the 
setup screens via a browser and if there is any info you don't have, 
ring the ISP's tech support.

It should not be a major problem.

Good Luck !
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