[SWLUG] Announcing apertium-cy-en pre-alpha

Jimmy O'Regan joregan at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 20:17:42 UTC 2008


We at the Apertium project (http://www.apertium.org) have an extremely
broken Welsh<->English translation in progress, that's now available
for online testing using the 'Surf and Translate' feature here:

Most of our lexicon is based on Kevin Donnelly's Eurfa, with as much
of Mark Nodine's dictionary as we can automatically merge; however,
there are still lots of missing words, and we're looking for
contributors :) Debian users can install the base system using
'apt-get install apertium', but the cy-en module is currently only
available from SVN (http://sourceforge.net/projects/apertium/) - but
anyone who doesn't feel up to editing masses of XML can help by
emailing me with any missing words they find, or by pointing out
grammatical errors, or by adding notes on our wiki:
http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Talk:Welsh_to_English is probably the
best place for comments. I've also subscribed to this list, so we can
discuss things here, too (if that's ok with everyone else).

Croeso i Apertium :)

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